Petya Stoevska


Commercial and Banking Law

Preparation of commercial contracts and agricultural land transactions contracts;
Preparation and registration of guarantees and coverings of corporate contracts, mortgages and pledges;
Resolution of commercial disputes and disputes arisen further to agricultural lands transactions in-and- out-of-court;
Registration, re-registration, transformation, change of circumstances, closure of business, liquidation, sole trader’s bankruptcy, companies, associations, co-operations, foundations, etc.;
Legal representation before commercial-dispute courts, agricultural lands transactions and with respect to the business of sole-traders companies, associations, co-operations, foundations, etc. Establishment of all types of companies and commercial incorporations, incl. holding companies, consortiums, branches and representative offices of foreign companies;
Fundamental transformation, dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies;
Assistance and representation in relation with the organization of general meetings of companies, constituent assemblies, as well as preparation of all necessary documents in this regard;
Preparation of statutes, articles of association, minutes, invitations, decisions and other internal documents of the company;
Issue of authorizations, licenses and other acts, necessary for the company’s business activity;
Preparation of documents for the entry and deletion of circumstances under the Registered Pledges Act and representation before the Central register of the registered pledges (CRRP);
Legal representation before the state authorities and other institutions. Assistance to bank credits and guarantees contracts, financing of acquisitions, restructuration of credits, constitution of guarantees, etc. Tax, customs and currency consultations;
Consultations and preparation of treaties for double taxation avoidance;
Tax obligations. Enforcement of obligations;
Guarantees for fulfillment of tax obligations. Security measures;
Enforcement of tax obligations;
Amnesty. Remission. Deduction. Redemption period. Sign off;
Tax supervision. Tax audits and inspections;
Inspection acts. Appeal before administrative court;
Appeals of tax audit acts in court. Cassation appeal;
Revocation of effective rulings on tax issues. Amendment of audit acts;
Tax violations and penalties;Corporate income taxation;
Total income tax. Taxable and non-taxable incomes;
Inheritance tax;
Tax on property acquisition;
Tax on motor vehicles /automobiles/;
Property tax;
Value added tax;
Tax registration. Subject to taxation with Value Added Tax;
Value Added Tax for recovery. Documentation and reporting;
Legal regime of excise duties;
Tax liabilities of foreign entities;
International double taxation. Methods for avoiding double taxation. Consultations on specific banking and financial transactions, acquisition financing, restructuring of loans and provision of securities;
Representation in applying for funding and preparation of all necessary documents in this regard;
Consultations on specific banking operations and transactions: letters of credit, bank guarantees, etc.;
Advice on bank loan agreements and securities – mortgages, pledges and other;
Legal representation of banks and individuals in matters concerning banking activities and transactions, including recovery procedures. Assistance in the collection of arrears and deferred receivables, considering both creditor’s and debtor’s interests;
Preparation and envy of invitations for voluntary execution and/or to start foreclosure proceedings purposed to enforce payment of a debt;
Preliminary study of the debtor’s assets and developing a specific strategy for the collection of the sums due;
Legal representation in security procedures, in procedures for the issuance of enforcement order, on claims, in arbitration and enforcement proceedings.

Fields of activity