Petya Stoevska


Property and Contract Law

Study, analysis and preparation of documents concerning the status before construction and / or purchase/sale of a real estate;
Resolution of condominium disputes;
Preparation of lease contracts;
Legal analysis and assessments of the legal status of real estate, including a thorough investigation of property rights, the presence/absence of land charges, of third party rights on the real estate;
Participation in negotiations and preparation of preliminary contracts, deeds and other documents required in connection with purchase of real estate;
Providing legal advice and preparation of documents relating to contracts on internationally recognized standard conditions (FIDIC);
Preparation of construction contracts for carrying out construction supervision and monitoring;
Assistance in obtaining various permits and licenses related to property rights and construction;
Complex consultations, including advice on funding projects related to the purchase and management of real estate;
Agreements - conclusion, amendment, supplement and termination of agreements;
Conclusion of agreements under the conditions of the Public Procurement Act;
Pre-contractual relations; Preliminary agreement;
Agreement to the benefit of a third party; Provision instead of fulfillment (datio in solutum);
Deduction of reciprocal liabilities (compensation); Transferring of liabilities - assignment;
Fulfillment and default on agreements; Objective impossibility to fulfill an obligation; Proven incapability to fulfill an obligation; Delay of a credit provider; Termination of bilateral agreements;
Compensation for damages - nature and amount of compensation;
Contractual liability; Default; Deposits;
Total lien (retention); Objection to an unfulfilled agreement;
Subrogation; Solidarity; Collateral of claims;
Cancellation claim; Warranty; Mortgage;
Pledge; Sales agreement;
Agreement for transferring a property in exchange for allowance and care;
Donation agreement; Rental agreement; Lease contract;
Manufacturing agreement; Loan agreement; Procurement agreement;
Agreement for assigning management (executive agreement); Deposit agreement;
Contract agreement; Conducting of other individual’s work without procurement;
Unlawful damaging; Inevitable defense and extreme necessity.

Fields of activity