Petya Stoevska


Family Law

Divorce Cases, Division of Property, Support;
Marriage Contracts; Domestic Violence; Succession. Inheritance disputes. Las Wills;
Claims for establishment of origin;
Origin; Challenging paternity; Recognition; Form of recognition; Disputing recognition; Adoption; Complete and partial adoption;
Representation and custody assistance; Limitation of parental rights;
Deprivation of parental rights; Alimony; Claim for awarding of alimony; Reduction and increasing of alimony;
Divorce as per claim order;
Divorce by mutual consent;
Guardianship and custody;
Inheritance by law;
Inheritance by will; Ability to dispose through will;
Form of will; Notarized will;
Restoration of reserved portion; Reduction of will order; Reduction of donation;
Revocation of will; Invalidity of will;
Acceptance and refusal of inheritance;
Refusal of inheritance; Partitioning of inheritance; Types; Partitioning table; Shares;
Judicial partitioning; Stages of judicial partitioning;

Fields of activity