Petya Stoevska


Medical Law,Insurance Law,Labor Law

Consultations and assistance to employers, workers and employees in the field of labor and social-security law;
Consultation, assistance and legal representation in protection of rights of workers and employees in case of dismissals and violation of their social-security rights; Claims and suits against insurers;
Indemnities covering traffic and labor accidents, damages caused by tour operators, etc.;
Preparation of complaints and notifications to health and other institutions in the cases of violation of the rights of patients or medical officers if the provision of opportune treatment has been refused or if treatment abroad has also been refused;
Preparation of forensic medical examination (FME);
Assistance in FME preparation;
Preparation of contracts, draft contracts and job descriptions;
Preparation of documents related to labor legislation - disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, payment of benefits, rules for internal labor order and others;
Assistance in negotiations between employers and employees or their representatives for settling labor disputes;
In practice, you can distinguish the terms "medical error" (errors resulting from weaknesses in the organization and management of the healing process) , "doctor’s error" (personal improper actions or inactions) and the term "negligence" which is lack of diligence and / or failure to fulfill obligations. Some of the events that require immediate response and action that can be held liable to the guilty persons in court are:
Wrong diagnosis;
Wrong medication delivery or delay in giving the drug;
Delay of the treatment; waiting for examination;
Allergic reactions;
Operating on the wrong part of the body;
Forgetting a foreign body after the surgical procedure;
Postoperative infections and complications;
Disability after treatment;
Fatal outcome of a patient;
Working with damaged equipment;
Complications due to a medical - diagnostic procedures;
Lack of professional competence or qualification;
Medical negligence;
Partially treatment (failure, inadequacy of treatment);
Injury received in a hospital during hospitalization.

Fields of activity