Petya Stoevska


                 Lаwyer Petya Stoevska
   Student in Law and Social Sciences
   Studied Law and International Law


  •  Certificate "Loyal Company" included in the catalog of the loyal companies, supported by the Europen Centre for Certification and Inspection;
  •  Certificate of proficiency in Legal English, issued by the Foundation "Cyril and Methodius"- Sofia;
  •  Certificate for participation in the Seminar on Current practice in the implementation of the Public Procurement Law, issued by SiKont Consulting Ltd;
  •  Certificate of competency, issued by the Ministry of Justice to the Mediator Lidia Petrova;
  •  Certificate of data controllers entered in the "Register of personal data and the registers kept by them" ID Νº 41640;
  •  Certificate "Licensed translator" at the Ministry of Foreighn Affairs;
  •  Certificate, issued by Google, for successfully completing a course in online marketing;
  •  Certificate of transaction of text and official documents from Bulgarian into foreign languages and from foreign languages into bulgarion.
  •  Certificate of participation in a lecture course with PhD students from the Medical Faculty of the Thracian University conducted on 19 and 20 May 2017 by lecturers at the University of Southampton, England under the Erasmus program;
  •  Certificate of participation in the Doctoral School on "Preparation of individual curriculum - basic principles and system of accumulation of credits", conducted with PhD students from the Medical Faculty of the Thracian University on 19.04.2017.;
  •  Certificate of activity as an external broker issued by the Real Estate Company "Yavlena";
  •  Certificate for statistical processing software. Basic methods.

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